Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Representatives of the Kokand city hall, the Youth Union and deputies, in connection with the Day of Memory and Honor, visited 48 World War II home front workers and delivered food products to them.


87-year-old Valentina Ershova has been working since the age of 10 along with adults. During the war, she sewed military uniforms for soldiers.


Rifat Mursiyayev took part in the construction of a sugar factory that worked in Kokand during the war. Later he worked here as an energy engineer. “Sugar blood of a soldier was said then, the plant began work under the open sky, did not even have time to finish the roof. People worked in the sultry heat, cold and snow, no one ever complained,” recalls Rifat Mursiyayev.


Mamanazar Pirnazarov was born in 1930. He began working in the field at the age of 8. During the war, he worked in the rear, and later participated in the construction of the Great Fergana Canal.