Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Hokim of Kokand Maruf Usmanov studies the activities of hokim’s assistants in mahallas and solves urgent problems of citizens. In particular, in the 45th mahalla, the khokim talked with citizens who wish to work or engage in entrepreneurial activities. Applications for preferential loans and subsidies were considered and positively resolved.


Also, a positive decision was made on the allocation of premises for artisans and citizens wishing to engage in clothing production. They will be allocated places in unused buildings on the territory of the mahalla. Maruf Usmanov also took measures to solve other problems identified by the khokim’s assistants during the door-to-door tour. He also got acquainted with the greenhouse, which was built on the land plot of a citizen living in this mahalla, the hokim’s assistants were given instructions on organizing greenhouses of this type in other mahallas.


Today, in the city of Kokand, hokim’s assistants are taking measures to reduce poverty and develop entrepreneurship in mahallas to provide families with means of production and equipment. Until today, as part of the activities of the hokim’s assistants, 1,500 people have been provided with jobs, more than 200 new business entities have been created.