Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Responsible persons and members of the public took part in the grand opening, headed by the khokim of Kokand Maruf Usmanov.


ХKhokim noted the huge work being done in our country at the initiative of the head of state in the field of developing school education, creating decent conditions for students and congratulated all the participants of the event on the new school.


According to the government decree, 11 billion 800 million soums were allocated for the overhaul and construction of a new building for 680 people. Classes are modernized and equipped with all necessary equipment. A new gym, showers, workout grounds and laboratories were also put into operation.


At the event, the contribution of organizations participating in design, construction and repair work was especially noted. The leaders were presented with memorable gifts and thanks from the khokim.


Graduates who graduated from this school many years ago and parents of pupils also expressed their sincere gratitude for the new, modern and beautiful school.


And the pupils of the school expressed their gratitude in songs and poems, promised to study only excellently