Mon. May 20th, 2024

In pursuance of the tasks that were determined by the head of state at a video conference, a round-the-clock headquarters operates in Kokand. Here, all information about the temperature in social facilities, heating systems is processed and measures are taken to solve emerging problems.

Employees of all organizations responsible for ensuring stability in the winter period are attached to the headquarters, which operates under the leadership of the Khokim of Kokand. Along with social facilities, citizens’ appeals are also considered here. Problems that arise are immediately resolved by the responsible persons.

Appeals coming to the official telegram bots @NasosXabarBot @MurojaatlarBoti of the city government and citizens’ appeals in social networks are also considered here.

On December 12 at 01:00 a regular meeting of the headquarters was held under the leadership of the khokim of Kokand. At the meeting, the information received by the headquarters was analyzed and measures were taken to solve problems.