Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

The Mayor of Kokand Maruf Usmanov took part in the daily morning meeting of headquarters on the execution of the state program “Obod mahalla”.


Reports of the responsible persons about the execution of the program, problems and questions were listened.


In particular, in the field of studying and resolving problems of women put in the social lists, 48 families were visited, in the Rayhon mahalla. 5 social problems, found during the study, were resolved with the help of government organisations and sponsors.


10 women and 13 young people were provided with jobs on the 1st March. Old buildings, borders and garages were demolished and taken out with the help of excavators and transport vehicles in the Ozodlik mahalla. Also on the territory of the mahalla, the water supply pipe was repaired.


The mayor gave directives to responsible managers related to timely and qualified execution of work.