Fri. May 24th, 2024

Within the framework of a social project aimed at socio-political support and employment of women and girls, 200 participants were trained free of charge in the basics of entrepreneurship and business. In a project carried out by the Kokand city hall in cooperation with the city department of the Ministry of Mahalla and Family Support and the Association of Women Entrepreneurs, participants received knowledge in the field of business.


The ceremony of awarding certificates to the graduates of the next stream of listeners of seminars took place this week . 35 women and girls received a document confirming their skills in the field of entrepreneurship.


1315 unemployed women and girls were involved in entrepreneurial activity, another 705 in handicrafts in the result of house-to-house visits in the sectors of the city of Kokand. 200 of them took part in the seminars. Having received the necessary skills, they started entrepreneurial activities. For these purposes, they were allocated 680 million soums from the Women’s Support Fund, and more than 2.2 billion soums under the state program “Every family is an entrepreneur”.


4 out of 200 new business entities are large sewing cooperatives, which, in turn, provided jobs for more than 700 women and girls in nearby makhallas.