Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

⚡️ Khokim of Kokand instructed to provide jobs for all citizens prone to committing crimes.


Maruf Usmanov defined tasks for law enforcement agencies, mahalla chairmen and other responsible persons in the fight against crime and offenses. Persons released from places of execution of punishments and citizens prone to committing crimes will be employed as a matter of priority.


An instruction was given on systematic work aimed at improving the social status of citizens. Hokim’s assistants and youth leaders will be personally responsible for providing employment and cultural leisure for citizens.


“Citizens simply should not have the time and motives to commit crimes,” the hokim said and noted that special attention should also be paid to the means of control. Surveillance cameras, police and national guard patrols should ensure law and order in Kokand and contribute to the implementation of the concept of a safe city.