Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Lecturer and researcher at the Turin Polytechnic University, Department of Architecture and Design (Italy), finalist of a number of international exhibitions in the field of architecture, as well as the author of the architectural project of the Olympic Factory built for the Winter Olympic Games held in China in 2022 Michele Bonino and professor at the Turin University of Architecture Fulvio Rinaudo visited Kokand and held negotiations with the khokim of Kokand Maruf Usmanov.

During the negotiations, the khokim of Kokand gave information about the ancient history, culture, economy and social life of the city. The meeting was also attended by architects and other officials involved in the issues on the agenda.

During the visit, the guests were acquainted with the palace of Khudayarkhan and the International Tourism and Handicraft Center under construction in Kokand. An exchange of views took place on issues of architectural solutions, issues of cooperation in various areas were discussed.